Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International Autumn Conferences, 2015

The Impact and the Adaptation of the Businesses in the Financial Sector on Preparation for Financial Liberalization under the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Monthana Kongkaew
pp. 1 - 13

Using Linear Programming in management Government Pension Fund
Pakakrong Tapparak and Jirapat Phookwantong
pp. 14 - 22

Development of Distribution Resource Planning Using the Food Degradation for Food Cold Chain
Un-Yong Kim, Bo-Ram Park and Yong-Han Lee
pp. 23 - 31

The Representation of Time in Ancient Myth and Art
Lilia Castle
pp. 32 - 40

Tea Plantation Evaluation Using Support Vector Machine on UAV Aerial Image
Agus Harjoko, Adhi Prahara, Sri Hartati and Bakhtiar A.A. Sumbodo
pp. 41 - 51

Feature Representation of Traffic Objects for Traffic Data Analysis
Imelda, Agus Harjoko and Pekik Nurwantoro
pp. 52 - 69

New Fractional Inequality in Quantum Calculus
Panuvuth Lakhonchai and Sirichan Vesarachasart
pp. 70 - 74

An investigation of one-stage and two-stage cluster sampling
Kanokpit Rungroj,  Kiattikhun Samritpium, Teeranun Mingmai and Ramidha Srihera
pp. 75 - 78

A study on a new Factional Integral Inequalities via Hadamard Integral
Booppa  Kraisai and Sirichan Vesarachasart
pp. 79 - 83

Finite Element Method for 4:1 Contraction Problem
Nawalax Thongjub and Panuvuth Lakhonchai
pp. 84 - 88

A study on an Inequality in Factional Quantum Calculus
Sirichan Vesarachasart and Panuvuth Lakhonchai
pp. 89 - 93

Comparison of lead desorption from the two different biosorbents after water treatment
Namfon Tongtavee, Kanlaya Pootadto, Sasitorn Limprasat, Orawan Chunhachart and Arthorn Loisruangsin
pp. 94 - 102

Administration of Performance Pay Systems and its Impact on Job Satisfaction
Azman Ismail and Siti Salwa Salim
pp. 103 - 117

Influence of Treatment by Magnetic Field on Germination and Growth Rate of Rice Seed
Khamla Senglathsamy, Tawee Chim-Oye and Manu Fuangfoong
pp. 118 - 123

Improving Service Quality in Higher Education Institutions in the Cordillera: A Customer-Based Approach
Joyce A. Bodah, Cherry Ann H. Bumidang and Ma. Rousselle G. Jandoc
pp. 124 - 150

An Application of the Survival Analysis to the Drug Addict Rehabilitation and Treatment of Thanyarak Hospital, Pathum Thani, Thailand
Roumporn Sittimongkol, Nada Kamonjitsuthee, Sita Butrasawan and Puncharas Sangkate
pp. 151 - 158

Heat Transfer Study in Conventional Homogeneous Catalytic Process with Single Mode Microwave for Biodiesel Production from Stearin with Stirring
S. Chawiwannakorn, P. Piroonlerkgul and T. Kangsadan
pp. 159 - 176