Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International Spring Conferences, 2016

Achieving Better Writing Performance through Peer Correction Method
Saovapa Wichadee
pp. 1 - 12

The Production of French Nasal Vowels by Thai Students Learning French as a Foreign Language
Jakkrit Charoensit
pp. 13 - 19

Needs Assessment on Potential of Teacher Students on the Knowledge and Experience Standard in Teaching Profession
Ittipaat Suwathanpornkul
pp. 20 - 25

Revisiting Interreligious Dialogue in the History of Indonesia: the Case of Malino Declaration for Molucca
Mega Hidayati
pp. 26 - 40

The Design Development of an Online Tutorial Program Design Using a Problem-Based Learning for Open and Distance Learning Student
Asnah Said
pp. 41 - 56

Effects of Experiment Learning Strategy versus Expository and Cognitive Style for Physical Learning Result for Senior High School Student at Class XI of SeniorHigh School
pp. 57 - 69

Improving the Health of Children in the Village of Makassar, East Jakarta, Indonesia through Socialization and Demonstration of Additional Food to Breast Milk
Darminah  and  Sukiniarti
pp. 70 - 81

The Relation of Nutritional Status and Educational Achievement in First Year Public Health Students
Yaiprae Chatree
pp. 82 - 87

A Study of Borax Contamination with Food Safety Test Kits on Favourite Foods of Non-Thai Labours: A Case Study at Rong Kluea Market (Navanakorn)
Nahathai Chotklang
pp. 88 - 93

Soil-Transmitted Helminths Contamination in Various Fresh Vegetables from the Local Market in Prathumthani Province, Thailand
Nuntipa Kaewlee
pp. 94 - 97

The Rights of Patients in Malaysia with regard to Advance Medical Directive (AMD): An Overview
Tengku Noor Azira Tengku Zainudin,  Haniwarda Yaakob,  Mohd Zamre Mohd Zahir,  Ramalinggam Rajamanickam,  Anita Abdul Rahim  and  Husyairi Harunarashid
pp. 98 - 109

The Simulation of 4:1 Contraction Problem for Newtonian Fluid
Nawalax Thongjub
pp. 110 - 118

Study on the Reflectivity Properties of the Silver Films
Chien-Chen Diao,  Chia-Ching Wu  and  Chia-Hsuan Su
pp. 119 - 122

Remote Controller Design for Growing Rod using Numerical Simulation
Chao Jiang,  Yang Xiao  and  Chongdu Cho
pp. 123 - 129

Enhancing Project-Based Teamwork Skills through Peer Assessment Scoring Approach
Shu-Hsuan Chang,  Lung-Fang Wei,  Yi-Hsien Lin  and  Li-Chih Yu
pp. 130 - 136

The Link between Repatriation Assistance and International Volunteer’s Psychological Contract in Australian Aid/Charity/Mission Organizations
Blake Woodward,  Anne Cox  and  Mary Barrett
pp. 137 - 158

The Actresses Character Casting in Asian Soap Opera
Chyong-Ling Lin,  Jin-Tsann Yeh  and  Shu-Fan, Wang
pp. 159 - 170