Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International Summer Conference in Bangkok, 2016

Auditor Quality and Its Influence to Firm Value and Earning Persistence
Dodik Juliardi
pp. 1 - 16

The Effect of Women Business Competence and The Utilization of information Technology of Financial Statement Quality (Empirical Study of SMEs in Batu City, East Java)
pp. 17 - 28

A study on the Socio- Cultural life of the Irulas of  Pondicherry (India)
pp. 29 - 45

A study on economic transaction of Gond tribe of District Bastar of Chattishgarh, India
Alam Ara  and  Jahanara
pp. 46 - 60

Impact on Academic Self-efficacy in Problem-based Learning Environment with infusion of Digital Literacy Training
Kah Heng Loh
pp. 61 - 70

Assessing the Plasma Nanotechnology in the Bi-Polar®® Unit in cleaning the ice machines and reduction in Formaldehyde
Nabarun Ghosh,  Mitsy Veloz,  Mahin Bastamian,  Jon Bennert,  Jeff Bennert  and  Chandini Revanna
pp. 71 - 80

Community’s Information System (Khon’s Chucheep Khunard)
Toungthong  Patchraprutipakorn
pp. 81 - 87

A Statistical Study on Determining the Key Factors Influencing the Awareness and Perception of Environment, Recycling and Sustainability
Hamdi TEKİN  and  İsmail Cengiz YILMAZ
pp. 88 - 93