Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International Summer Conference in Hokkaido, 2016

A Development of a Program for Enhancing Social Interaction for Children with Autism in Early Childhood by Using FLASH Model: An Emphasis on the Family, and Hope and Happiness Components
Anchleeporn Lopprasert,  Daranee Saksiriphol  and  Sriya Niyomthum
pp. 1 - 10

Creation of a Model for Enhancing Reading and Writing Skills of Students in Grade1 in An inclusive School through the RTI (Response to Instruction) Process
Ketsarin Sritana  and  Daranee Saksiriphol
pp. 11 - 22

Documentary Research to Identify the Components of Digital Literacy for Thai Undergraduate Students
Wawta Techataweewan  and  Ujsara Prasertsin
pp. 23 - 30

Business Model Innovation in Taiwan’s Funeral Industry: A Case Study of Lungyen
Wen-Hong Chiu,  Sheng-Tsai Liu,  Chien-Ho Liu,  Hui-Ru Chi  and  Chiu-Yueh Liao
pp. 31 - 38

Service Innovation Model of the Funeral Industry in Taiwan – A Case Study of Lungyen
Wen-Hong Chiu,  Li-Sheng Chu,  Hong-Wei Yan,  Hui-Ru Chi  and  Chiu-Yueh Liao
pp. 39 - 46

Service Innovation of International Tourist Hotels in Taiwan: A Perspective of Customer Value
Wen-Hong Chiu,  Yueh-Tsun Lai  and  Hui-Ru Chi
pp. 47 - 55

Service Innovation in the Hostel: A Customer Value Perspective
Wen-Hong Chiu,  Yueh-Tsun Lai  and  Hui-Ru Chi
pp. 56 - 63

Exploring servitization innovation based on a perspective of asset specificity: A Case of Ruentex in Taiwan
Wen-Hong Chiu,  Sheng-Lung Lee,  Hung-Chia Lin  and  Hui-Ru Chi
pp. 64 - 73

Modality Translation and its Effect on Readers
Hyun-Hee Choi
pp. 74 - 82

Assessing Student Motivation and Learning Strategy on the Spot with Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Dinh Dong Phuong  and  Hiromitsu Shimakawa
pp. 83 - 100

Classification for Bus Drivers’ Behaviors Using Text Extraction and Machine Learning Techniques
Pitiphum Posawang,  Satidchoke Phosaard  and  Wasan Pattara-atikom
pp. 101 - 109