Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International Winter Conference, 2016

Demographic Determinants for Admission to Hospital by Advance Life Services Units in Yala Province
Sunee Kraonual
pp. 1 - 8

The Opinions of Emergency Medical Technician Students towards Volunteer Community Health Project
Puttipat Borirakdechkul
pp. 9 - 14

Basic Education Curriculum in the Division of Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Orlando A. Batara
pp. 15 - 27

Tribological Study of Textured and Untextured Taper Die in Cold Extrusion Process
Nurul Aini Mohd. Ahyan and Syahrullail Samion
pp. 28 - 38

A Study of Personality of Salespersons in Beauty Clinic in Ideal Male Consumer
Saranya Pobkwamsuk and Bundit Sawunyavisuth
pp. 39 - 42

The Decision to Buy Life Insurance Through Telemarketing
Nirunya Prasertngoendi and Bundit Sawunyavisuth
pp. 43 - 50

Brand Citizenship Behavior and Brand Loyalty: A Case of LPG Businesses in Mahasarakham Province
Chaweewan Kanchanapaphakoon  and  Anon Khamwon
pp. 51 - 56

Corporate Social Responsibilities and Brand Trust of Betagro in Khon Kaen
Benjamas Aboonma  and  Anon Khamwon
pp. 57 - 61

Integrating Multi-Functional Digital Logic Circuits into One Chip
Chin-Ming Hsu  and  Chian-Yi Chao
pp. 62 - 76

An Auto-Tracking Mobile Robot Design
Chian-Yi Chao  and  Chin-Ming Hsu
pp. 77 - 88

A Mutual Authentication Mechanism Designed for QR Code
Jinn-Ke Jan,  Chia-Chen Lin  and  Pei-Feng Shiu
pp. 89 - 107

Bad Anatomy: deliquescence of institutions through bodies in Tsukamoto Shinya’s and Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s cinema
Maxime Boyer-Degoul
pp. 108 - 112

Japanese contribution in peacekeeping and peacebuilding (Cases of Afghanistan and Iraq)
Ivaila Aleksova
pp. 113 - 124

On the Automatic Target Tracking and Recognition for Surveillance Systems
Chu-Hsing Lin,  Jung-Chun Liu,  and  Shiang-Lin Tsai
pp. 125 - 138

Land Use Changes and its Effect to Environment in Jatinangor, Indonesia
Bambang Sunarwan,  Ahmad Egi Pratama Hanif,  Rifky Meisa Anugrah  and  Yudhi Listiawan
pp. 139 - 145