Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International February Conference in Bangkok, 2017

Pair Programming: An Evaluation through SWOT Analysis
Shrawan Kumar Trivedi
pp. 1 - 11

Factors Relating to Employee Job Satisfaction towards Sule Shangri-la Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar
Sai Htet Aung  and  Sirion Chaipoopirutana
pp. 12 - 32

Cultural Significance of Specific Costumes in Sinhalese Folk Theatre
Sunethra Kankanamge
pp. 33 - 41

Credence of Patriarchy on Intimate Partner Violence against Women
Walhenege Punya Sandamali De Silva
pp. 42 - 64

Competency-Based Performance of Fourth Year Students in the National Achievement Test (Nat) in Southern, Bukidnon, Philippines
Gladys S. Escarlos,  Joanne E. Bermillo,  Ehlrich Ray Magday,  Denis A. Tan,  Carmela L. Balasico  and  Joemar B. Capuyan
pp. 65 - 87

Using a Deck of Maleficient Cards in Enhancing Oral Communication in an ESL Classroom
Sharonjit Kaur d/o Karam Singh Walia
pp. 88 - 92

Student’s Attitude and Perceptions toward English Language in Politeknik Port Dickson
Julie Marlina Binti Hasan
pp. 93 - 100

Using 3 Minutes Thesis (3MT) Presentation Strategy to Improve Diploma Students’ Mini Project Presentation Skills for Communicative English 3 (DUE 5012) Course
Madam Hema a/p Muniandy Portorajo
pp. 101 - 111