Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International May Conference in Bangkok, 2017

Quality of Work Life of Thai Flight Attendant: A case study
Thamarat Jangsiriwattana
pp. 1 - 9

Ming-Chuan Pan  and  Chih-Ying Kuo
pp. 10 - 26

Consumer Behavior Towards Thai Designer Ladies Brand Clothes Via Online Shopping in China
JiaoHui Shi  and  Chuenjit Changchenkit
pp. 27 - 31

Understanding Perception of Islamophobia Amongst the Non-Muslims: An Analysis
Rosmawaty Mohd Sapawi  and  Zulkifli Abd. Latiff
pp. 32 - 46

Conceptual Model for Study of Korean Makeover Artist Ink Changing Adolescent Behavior and Lifestyle through Social Media
Nor Ain Zainuddin
pp. 47 - 54

Feasibility of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Screening through Sulfhydryl-free Cysteine Detection
Surachada Chuaychob,  Proespichaya Kanatharana,  Panote Thavarungkul,  Chittanon Buranachai  and  Chongdee Thammakhet-Buranachai
pp. 55 - 62

Foodservice Management in the University of Eastern Philippines System: Its Antecedence and Perspective
Siony C. Ubane
pp. 63 - 78

Predictors of College Students' Academic Performance in the University of Eastern Philippines
Fe C. Andarino
pp. 79 - 99

Solid Waste Management System and Seaweed Net Primary Productivity (NPP) in the Coastal Municipalities of Northern Samar
Cherry I. Ultra
pp. 100 - 108

Mathematics Performance of Grade Six Pupils in the National Achievement Test, Division of Northern Samar: Basis in Developing a Workbook in Elementary Mathematics VI
Nelia M. Adora
pp. 109 - 117

Students’ Performance of BSIE and BSHE in Drawing Subjects in the University of Eastern Philippines: Basis for the Curricular Enhancement
Antonieto L. Adora
pp. 118 - 126

Implementation of K to 12 among Home Economics Teachers in the Division of Northern Samar
Neonita  P. Delorono
pp. 127 - 139

Interrelationships among characteristics and competencies acquired in Home Economics by students of the University of Eastern Philippines and their home practices
Lilian E. Aguilana
pp. 140 - 145

Tactile art therapy in teaching pupils with visual impairment: Basis for Teachers Development Program
Averil Jane E. Aguilana
pp. 146 - 149

Organizational Capacity Assessment of the University of Eastern Philippines: An Input to Policy Direction
Felisa L. Sanico
pp. 150 - 162

Improving human and animal health care in rural areas through proactive participation of women on the municipal animal health care programs in Catubig, Northern Samar
Flordie U. Lao  and  Rosille B. Ultra
pp. 163 - 172

Case Study: Community participation in waste management in Salaya Old Market Community (Pink Market)
Direk Tongaram,  Chirasak Promprayoon,  Anurak Jansri,  Suwilai Phumpho,  Poomyos Payakkawan,  Chompoonut  Rianpreecha  and  Molthip Lamhut
pp. 173 - 180

Case Study: Application of geographic information technology for waste management
Direk Tongaram,  Chirasak Promprayoon,  Anurak Jansri,  Suwilai Phumpho,  Poomyos Payakkawan,  Chompoonut Rianpreecha,  Molthip Lamhut  and  Tuangthong Patcharaprutipakorn
pp. 181 - 186

Human Development and the Quality of Life
Hemanta Raj Dahal
pp. 187 - 189