Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International November Conference in Bangkok, 2017

Facilities Management by Sustainability Chain Approach - The Case Study of Zero Carbon Building in Hong Kong
Wai Ho Darrell Kwok
pp. 1 - 19

Multiple Perspectives on Code-Mixing in Tertiary Classrooms: Traversing Language Borders
Gina M. Oracion
pp. 20 - 49

Academic Dishonesty Among College Students: A Probe
Prescila S. Baquerfo
pp. 50 - 64

Solid waste disposal mechanisms adopted by Trincomalee Urban Council, SriLanka
V. J. Naveenraj
pp. 65 - 94

The Effect of Risk Aversion Levels of Banks on Financial Contagion
Peerasarn Kitjacharoenchai  and  Thaisiri Watewai
pp. 95 - 108