Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International October Conference in Bangkok, 2017

Study on some properties of acid-soluble collagens extracted from fish skins of Rohu (Labeo rohita) and Bronze featherback (Notopterus notopterus)
Lin Lin Tun
pp. 1 - 14

Study on Electrosorption Properties of Some Heavy Metals by Activated Biochar form DJENKOL BEAN Shell
Khin Saw Oo,  Zaw Naing  and  Nant Pwint Mar Lar Aung
pp. 15 - 26

The Nature and Extent of Reading Habits of Teenagers: a pilot study done in two schools in Colombo district, Sri Lanka
Sujeewa Ratnayake
pp. 27 - 43

Data Analytics as a Competitive Advantage-A Case Study of Bernard Chaus, Inc.
Ahmed Kamel
pp. 44 - 52

High Strength Concrete Using Basalt Aggregate in Construction and Concrete Mix Improvement
Mohmd Sarireh
pp. 53 - 65

The Related Factors with Adolescent’s Knowledge about Free Sex at Dimembe State High School  1 Dimembe Subsdistrict, North Minahasa Regency
Fredrika Nancy Losu,  Getruida Alow  and  Stellamaris Sumampouw
pp. 66 - 81

The Influence of Training Class for Pregnant Women on the Improvement of Pregnant Woman Knowledge about Readiness for Childbirth and Parenting in Teling Community Healthy Center on Manado City
Lontaan Anita,  Purwandari Atik  and  Keintjem Femmy
pp. 82 - 93

Mathematical Modelling: Its Effect to the Mathematics Performance of the Grade VIII Students of MSU-Buug Laboratory High School SY: 2016-2017
Jhyrhyx T. Yap,  Jenyrose T. Uba,  Juliana B. Lahami,  Marlou J. Casuyac  and  Gina D. Torred
pp. 94 - 105

Effect of Locally Made Liquid Biofertilizers on the Growth and Vigor of Adlay Seedlings (Coix lacryma-jobi L.)
Mario B. Torred
pp. 106 - 127