Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International Spring Conferences, 2017

Promotion of Essential Skills in Learning Processes: Faculty of Pharmacy, Chiang Mai University
Siriporn Burapadecha  and  Kannika Thiankhanithikun
pp. 1 - 12   click

The Link between Curriculum and Learning Processes and Graduate Outcomes: Faculty of Pharmacy Chiang Mai University
Siriporn Burapadecha,  Kannika Thiankhanithikun and  Chalermpong Saenjum
pp. 13 - 23   click

Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) in Mathematical Induction on Achievement Mathematics
Thitima Kesahorm
pp. 24 - 31

Factors Associated with Health Behaviors followed National Health Recommendations among Prathomsuksa 6 Students of Anubanyala School, Tambon Sateng, Amphoe Mueang, Yala Thailand
Kajornsak Chainapong,  Suchat Sangkaew,  Ancharee Pongkaset  and  Kamonwan Vanitchanon
pp. 32 - 37

The Negative Event and the Adversity Quotient among Students at Sirindhorn College of Public Health Yala
Niwat Chaisang
pp. 38 - 46

Resilience and Mental Health among Students at Sirindhorn College of Public Health Yala
Ubontip Chaisang
pp. 47 - 55

The Results of Integrated Learning Methods between a Group Discussion and Simulation Scenario related Students’ Problem Solving Skills of Emergency Medical Operation at Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Yala
Tanakorn Sirikul,  Phakkhanat Weerakhachon  and  Kajornsak Chainapong
pp. 56 - 63

‘New wine in old urn’: Evoking Customer Awareness through Interaction Design in the Brand Heritage Hostel
Siao-Yun Yang  and  Hui-Wen Lin
pp. 64 - 69

Exploring the Transformation of Customer Relationship in Creative Living Industry: A Case Study of Lavender Cottage
Yu- Tzu Liao  and  Hsiao- Ling Chung
pp. 70 - 89

Event Marketing Practices for Limited Resources Firms
Thirarut Worapishet
pp. 90 - 96

Innovation of CO2 Adsorption with Li/Zeolite A Derived from Bagasse Ash
Patcharin Worathanakul,  Nuntudchaporn Klinpol  and  Totsapon Sarai
pp. 97 - 102

The Comparative Morphometric Study of Varanus salvator population in Alas Purwo, Baluran, and Meru Betiri National Park
Maliya Izzatin,  Elma Sakinatus Sajidah,  Fitratillah Hilhanif,  Nugroho Yudistyo Ramli  and  Imam Dary Supriyadi Putra
pp. 103 - 112

Situation and Associated Factor of drinking, Smoking and Application of herbs in the Area of Nam Kam River, Thailand
Yossakorn Penglao,  Wuttiphong Phakdeekul  and  Warinmad Kedthongma
pp. 113 - 119

Comparative on the Quality Level of Primary Care Award of District Health System (DHS-PCA) in Region Health 8
Chumpol Sareecam,  Wuttiphong Phakdeekul  and  Warinmad Kedthongma
pp. 120 - 126

Comparative of Constitutional Health for Local Community Operation in Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand
Patana Chaichompoo,  Wuttiphong Phakdeekul  and  Warinmad Kedthongma
pp. 127 - 132

The Evaluation of District Health System (DHS) Development in Areas of the National Health Security Office (NSHO), Regain 8, Thailand
Wuttiphong Phakdeekul
pp. 133 - 140

Effectiveness of E-san Program in Blood Sugar Level Controlling of Diabetic Type 2 Patients
Warinmad Kedthongma
pp. 141 - 146

Strategic management for the participation of Romanian regional universities to international rankings
Teodorescu Gabriela,  Oros Calin Dinu,  Gorghiu Laura,  Salisteanu Cornel,  Gilia Claudia  and  Udroiu Iulian
pp. 147 - 150

(Best Practice “Inspiring Story” at Madrasah Aliyah Plus Nururrohmah Al-Kamal Islamic Boarding School Tambaksari Kuwarasan Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia)
Azam Syukur Rahmatullah
pp. 151 - 163

Congestion Management Considering Demand Response with Multiple Fuels
Whei-Min Lin,  Erita Astrid,  Chia-Sheng Tu,  Ming-Tang Tsai  and  Fu-Sheng Cheng
pp. 164 - 176

An Innovative Approach to Selling Wood Material to Makerspaces
Tien-Yu Chen  and  Shuenn-Ren Liou
pp. 177 - 186