Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International April Conference in Bangkok, 2018

Guidelines for Curriculum Evaluation in Basic Education Level Applied Using by Meta-evaluation and Evaluation Synthesis
Kornphong Phattanapakornphong,  Piyapong Khaikleng  and  Ruangdech Sirikit
pp. 1 - 6

A Causal Model of Self-Esteem and Spirit at Work of Beauty and Institute Officers
Pornchanok Sranamkam,  Piyapong Khaikleng  and  Vitanya Vanno
pp. 7 - 13

Program Theory Development using by Process Tracing Method for Live Philosophically with the Self-Sufficiency Economy Value Promoting Evaluation of Upper Secondary Students
Benjamaporn Ngamying,  Piyapong Khaikleng  and  Kanjana Trakoonvorakun
pp. 14 - 21

Needs Assessment for Chinese Language Teaching-learning Management of High School Student in School under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration applied from Kano Model
Supissara Puangthong,  Kanjana Trakoonvorakun  and  Piyapong Khaikleng
pp. 22 - 28

An Evaluation of Mathematics Learning Area Curriculum of Triam Udom Suksa School By Using Robert L. Hammond’s Model
Pansawut Juphokaew,  Rungrudee Klaharn and  Ruangdech Sirikit
pp. 29 - 38

Effect of HCl and CO2 activation on surface area of carbon derived from polybenzoxazine
Onnicha Rattanopas,  Worawut Naewrittikul  and  Thanyalak Chaisuwan
pp. 39 - 47   click

Women’s Rights’ development in China
Chenzhuo Song,  Jiahui Shao  and  Yao Qi
pp. 48 - 54

Social, Cultural, Traditional, Legal and Administrative Dynamics and its impact on Success of Female Micro Entrepreneurs in Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan
Ghazala Yasmeen,  Rafa Mushtaq,  Muhammad Hashaam  and  Ansa Javed
pp. 55 - 68

Causal Factor of Digital Marketing Influencing Hotel Performance in the Andaman Triangle cluster, Thailand
Supot Gulati,  Montri Verayangkura  and  Sirawit Sirirak
pp. 69 - 87   click