Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International Autumn Conferences, 2018

An Evaluation of the Competency of the Supervisory Editors of Thrift and Credit Cooperatives Attaining the Training Courses of Supervisory Editor in Thailand
Pornchai Supavititpattana
pp. 1 - 12

A Low Cost Alternative Energy Model for a Dairy Farm
N. Kaeophrathum,   K. Taweeyanyongkul,  S. Pangchuntherk,  S. Choengthong,  K. Boonyanuwat,  G. Podjanaaree,  and   A. Saraboon
pp. 12 - 26

Risk Indicators Associated With Temporomandibular Disorders in Thai Adults
Supaporn Chatrchaiwiwatana
pp. 27 - 33

RSUIS model for The Entrepreneurship Education in Thailand
Chetneti Srisa-an
pp. 34 - 41

Influences of the Use of English Phonetics Website on Thai Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes toward their Non-native English Accented Speech
Noparat Tananuraksakul,  Jonathan R. Carreon  and  Suthida Soontornwipat
pp. 42 - 57

Key Purchasing Factors on Higher Efficiency Household Air-conditioner in Thailand
Reika Yasunaga  and  Dawan Wiwattanadate
pp. 58 - 79

Effects of Sorghum Bran as Corn and Rice Bran Replacement on Tannin content in the diet and Blood Metabolism of Domestic Chicken
Winda Syafitri,  Ahmad Mualif Abdurrahman  and  Sri Satya Antarlina
pp. 80 - 85

LEARNING ACTION CELL (LAC) impact to School Productivity
Raquel D. Bernabe
pp. 86 - 96

Number 2

Hot Spring (Onsen): An Innovation of Tourism Management for Health and Therapy by Community’s Participation
Aumthip Srithong  and  Konit Srithong
pp. 97 - 106

Number 3

Effectiveness of Organic Fertilizer Brand Nutrisoil on Growth and Yield of Corn in Dryland
Amik Krismawati  and  Chendy Tafakresnanto
pp. 107 - 113

Number 4

Academic Leadership Enhancement Strategies for Classroom Teachers in Southeast Asia
Piyapong Sumettikoon
pp. 114 - 121