Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International Summer Conference in Hokkaido, 2018

Analysis of Obesity Effects for the Tumor Model
Sarud Udomchalermpat,  Ekkachai Kunnawuttipreechachan  and  Sanoe Koonpraseart
pp. 1 - 18

Nanoplastic Effect on the Growth of Phytoplankton-Zooplankton Population with Monod-Haldane Functional Response with a Time Delay via Mathematical Model
Amornprapa Pensuwan,  Sanoe Koonprasert  and  Sekson Sirisubtawee
pp. 19 - 33

An Analysis for Effective Conditions to the End of Facebook via Mathematical Modelling
Krongthong Supappornchai,  Ekkachai Kunnawuttipreechachan  and  Sanoe Koonprasert
pp. 34 - 50

Discrete-Time Dynamical Model of Jatropha Curcas Trees with Roguing by Mosaic Disease
Apisit Klaklangchon  and  Sanoe Koonprasert
pp. 51 - 67

Pilot Study of Parkinson's Rehabilitation System with Rhythm Auditory Stimulation
Mei-Ju Su,  Heng-Shuen Chen,  Ya-Chi Chang,  May-Hua Liao  and  Yu-Huei Su
pp. 68 - 77

Higher education in Hungary- International student mobility and the value of an EU diploma
Katalin Bándy
pp. 78 - 88

Case study of Ban Lao Khwan, Moo 3, ThoThae, Wat Bot, Phitsanulok: Turning Palm Wine as Economic Goods from the Local Wisdom of Retaining Palm Juice
Rujroad Kaewurai, Wanitcha Manyum,  Wilawan Somyaron,  Saranyu Muendej  and  Chamaipon Sresurat
pp. 89 - 97

Curriculum development, logistics and supply chain: Project Incubator and the development of integrated logistics and supply chain under the reform program of the National Curriculum
Tipparat Sittiwong   
pp. 98 - 108

The Effect of Communicative English Camp by B Slim Model for First Year Secondary School Students in Small Sized School, Thailand
Supanee Sengsri  and  Monthien Chaiprasert
pp. 109 - 118

An Error Analysis on Computer Programming Through Self-Organized Teamwork Learning: A Case Study of Pre-Service Teachers in Computer, Naresuan University, Thailand
Thongchai Sengsri
pp. 119 - 131

The Design Analysis of Digital Manipulation Images in Advertising Photography
Chih-Chieh Hung
pp. 132 - 145

The Study of Visual and Design Elements for Fruit and Vegetable Juice Packaging
Fu Nien Suei
pp. 146 - 154

Rethinking Foreign Language and Hospitality Service Training in Japan: Analysis of Active Learning Design for Hokkaido Railway
Jon Thomas
pp. 155 - 168

The Relationship between a Coach’s Leadership Behavior, Coach-Athlete Relationship Quality and Training Effect of Badminton Players in Junior-High-School
Chia-Ming Chang,  Hsiu-Chin Huang,  Tsung-Liang Lin  and  Chien-Kuang Chen
pp. 169 - 177

Applying a Program Logic Model to Design and Evaluate the Teacher Professional Development Program
Su-Ching Lin
pp. 178 - 191

Review of Quality Services Rating in Transportation for Bus
Shuhairy Norhisham,  Herda Yati Katman,  Amiruddin Ismail  and  Muhamad Nazri Borhan
pp. 192 - 207