Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International March Conference in Bangkok, 2018

Enhancing English Word Stress Pronunciation through Musical Beat of Mattayomsuksa Three Students at Banmuangkhong School
Sudamas Sombatsawat  and  Preedaporn Srisakorn
pp. 1 - 14

Enhancing Intonations Using Short Animated Cartoons in Matthayomsuksa 1, Phuwiengwittayakhom School
Manlikamart Tiemrin  and  Preedaporn Srisakorn
pp. 15 - 27

Slanguage Translation: Case Study of Prabda Yoon’s Translation of The Catcher in the Rye
Tareerat Hirunnukroa  and  Paradee Tungtang
pp. 28 - 38

Thai EFL Students’ Attitudes towards Using Electronic Flashcards to Enhance Vocabulary Learning
Sasiwimon Kerdmuenwai  and  Chongrak Liangpanit
pp. 39 - 44

Effects of Phonics video-based lessons on 3rd Grade Students’ Spelling at Banphukaolad School
Sujinutda Thongprom
pp. 45 - 58

Teachers'Implementation of Research-Based Learning (RBL) in English Classrooms
Paviya Pongjirachakorn  and  Sutida Ngonkum
pp. 59 - 66

Effects of Using Reading Transmission to Develop M.4 Students’ English Reading Comprehension
Nathaporn Phong-a-ran  and  Uthaivan Danvivatha
pp. 67 - 77

Translation Strategies of Humor in English Subtitles: A Case Study of Pee Mak Phra Kanong
Papitchaya Kadsantier  and  Nantawan Senchantichai
pp. 78 - 96

Thai Learners’ Identities and English as a Foreign Language Learning: A Critical Study
Pen-ek Siriyotha  and  Suban Keowkanya
pp. 97 - 107

Swear Word Translation Strategies: A Case of The Wolf of Wall Street
Nawamit Prathammasan  and  Angkana Tongpoon-Patanasorn
pp. 108 - 118

Improving Vocabulary Knowledge of EFL Young Learners via Electronic Book as Extensive Reading
Duriyakhorn Srichomchuen  and  Angkana Tongpoon-Patanasorn
pp. 119 - 124

Moving Average-Tukey’s Control Chart for Monitoring of Parameter Change
Rattikarn Taboran,  Saowanit Sukparungsee  and  Yupaporn Areepong
pp. 125 - 132

Performance persistence of hedge fund: A result of different systematic risk exposure
Prapakan Pimpasan
pp. 133 - 153

Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability for Groundwater Pollution Risk in Wates Groundwater Basin, Kulon Progo, Yogyakata, Indonesia
Yasaoyang YOUAYIA
pp. 154 - 166

Design and Implementation PLC based Sequential Batch Process Control for Bottle Filling Machine
Htet Khaing Lin
pp. 167 - 174

The Important Marketing Implications of National Tourism Slogans and Logos
Liao, Yu-Ling,  Tsaur, Sheng-Hshiung  and  Tsai, Chin-Fa
pp. 175 - 193

Skimming price Strategy and Product Life Cycle: Evidence from the literature
Zaeema Asrar Mohiuddin
pp. 194 - 200

Factors Affecting the Teaching Performance of the Biology Teachers in Aurora Zamboanga del Sur: Basis for Improvement
Anabelie V. Valdez,  Juhoney B. Panumpang  and  Norhanna H. Cana
pp. 201 - 211

Perceptions and Factors Affecting the Pre-Service Teachers Field Study Observations
Anabelie V. Valdez
pp. 212 - 218

Number 2

Accessibility and Utilization of Library Resources by Teachers in Secondary Schools of the Seventh-day Adventist in Luzon Area: Basis for a Proposed Information Literacy Program
Maria Carina L. Gasang
pp. 219 - 238