Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International Winter Conference in Hokkaido, 2018

Using Infographics by Online Tools for English Grammar Teaching Materials of EFL Pre-service Teachers
Raksamon Yordming
pp. 1 - 7

The Electrochromic Tungsten Oxide Film on the Percolation Threshold in Sol-Gel Process
Sunghee Kim,  Sang Jin Lee,  Dong Soo Choi  and  Jaehwa Kim
pp. 8 - 17

A Study on Weldbility of Arc, Laser and Laser-arc Hybrid of Aluminum Alloy for High Performance Marine Ship
Jisung Kim,  Jeonghwan Kim,  Sungyoon Kim,  Mukyeong Kang  and  Jonglib Kim
pp. 18 - 19