Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International May Conference in Bangkok, 2018

An Assessment of Senior Tourists on Facilities at Cultural and Historical Tourist attractions in Phuket based on the Seven Principles of Universal Design
Kanokros Khaonoul  and  Tatiyaporn Jarumaneerat
pp. 1 - 11

Strategies Implement to Maintain Service Quality in Chain and Non-Chain Hotels and Resorts in Phuket
Supphakan Wattanasantikul  and  Prateep Wetprasit
pp. 12 - 20

Perception of International Tourists Related to Road Safety in Phuket
Sudarat Kamnerdtong  and  Panuwat Phakdee-auksorn
pp. 21 - 27

Key Success Factors in Community - based Tourism: A Case Study of Koh Lone, Phuket
Chorpaka Buakaew  and  Aphirom Promchanya
pp. 28 - 37

Effect of Exchange rate Volatility on Currency Carry Trade and Risk Factor Compensation of Currency Carry Trade in G10 and Emerging Market
Jirapaiboon Rattanapanurak
pp. 38 - 53

A Study of the Effect of Dark Pool Using Market Simulation
Wasin Surarak
pp. 54 - 73   

Smart Microalgae Photobioreactor Helped by Solar Energy as Eco-Green Technology to Reduce CO2 Emissions Trigger Global Warming in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Agustiani Putri  and  Juliana Veva Rahmawati
pp. 74 - 82

Parenting Styles, Academic Achievement and Conduct in a Chinese School, Basis for Evolving a Management Supervisory Program
Ulysses Yu,  Danilo K. Villena  and  Jose Rizal G. Sanchez
pp. 83 - 93

Vibrational Analysis to Determine Crack in a Composite Cylindrical Shell
J. Yakesh Kumar  and  D. Mahendran
pp. 94 - 114