Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International August Conference in Bangkok, 2019

Effect of Kikar Sawdust (Acacia Nilotica) Supplemented with Various Agricultural Waste Materials for Yield Production of Local Strain P-1 of Oyster Mushroom
Nasir Ahmad Khan,  Muhammad Ilyas,  Abdul Rehman,  Waqar Ahmed,  Sadia Aslam,  Adnan Younus  and  Muhammad Muzamil Jahangir   
pp. 1 - 16

Blackboard Use to Improve Teaching in Mathematics Classroom using Lesson Study and Open Approach
Natcharida Nararuk  and  Sampan Thinwiangthong
pp. 17 - 25

Guidelines for Entrepreneurs on An Improvement of Marketing Strategies Affecting Consumers’ Decision Making in purchasing Non-Toxic Vegetables in Tumbon Nam Phrae, Amphoe Phrao, Chiang-Mai Province
Pattarika Maneepun
pp. 26 - 36

Bacterial Infection and Semen Characteristics in Iraqi Infertile Men
Loqman J. Tawfiq  and  Mamdooh A. Al-Nasrawi
pp. 37 - 45