Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International Winter Conference in Okinawa, 2019

Preparation and Characterization of Tri-Sodium Phosphate Derived from Thai Monazite Ore Processing as Solid Base Catalyst
Waraporn Suksuchot, Dussadee Ratanaphra, Sasikarn Nuchdang, Maythee Saisriyoot, Penjit Srinophakun  and  Anusith Thanapimmetha
pp. 1 - 6

Added Value of Jatropha oil: Bio-lubricant
Kritpornpawee Pindit, Anusith Thanapimmetha, Maythee Saisriyoot  and  Penjit Srinopakun
pp. 7 - 16

The Relationship between Prices of Crude Oil and Gold
Wiranya Sutthikun  and  Kongkiat Sahayrak
pp. 17 - 24