Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International June Conference in Bangkok, 2019

The Gen-Math Machines: Way to Increase Academic Performance of Senior High School Learners
Elymar A. Pascual
pp. 1 - 10

Essentials of Home Visitation: Teachers’, Learners’ and Stakeholders’ View
Elymar A. Pascual
pp. 11 - 30

School Culture and Teachers’ Work Values in Masapang Elementary School, s.y. 2018-2019
Nilda V. San Miguel  and  Elymar A. Pascual
pp. 31 - 49

Experiences of Batang Atikha Implementation: Supporting Children of OFWs in Mabini District
Ofelia M. Del Mundo
pp. 50 - 65

Teaching Performance and Academic Achievements of Grade 6 Pupils in Bauan West District: Basis for A Faculty Development Program
Eufrocina M. Belarmino
pp. 66 - 83

Classroom Diversity and Academic Performance of Grade 6 Pupils in Selected Public Elementary Schools in Mabini District: Basis For A Proposed Classroom Management Plan
Colita I. Patricio
pp. 84 - 102

Effect of deposition of Ag onto TiO2 support by reactive magnetron sputtering on the selective photocatalytic hydrogenation of 3-nitrostyrene
Pimchanok Nakchuai, Okorn Mekasuwandumrong,  Peter Kelly  and  Piyasan Praserthdam
pp. 103 - 116

Effect of temperature and pressure on cracking side reaction of methyl stearate over ZrO2 via ketonization
Pawaphat Sartsri, Patcharaporn Weerachawanasak  and  Piyasan Praserthdam
pp. 117 - 128

Marital status in relation to quality of life of older adults in Bhutan
Gem Tshering,  Junya Pattaraarchachai  and  Kanvee Viwatpanich
pp. 129 - 140     click

Linear Structural Model of City Marketing in Mongolia
Sugaraa Khurelbaatar  and  Yi Hsu
pp. 141 - 155

Development of Blended Online Course in Basic Japanese at Undergraduate School Level
Kamolthip Phonlabutra
pp. 156 - 169

Japan-ASEAN Relations: A Fundamentalist Perspective
Nguyen, Khac Nghia
pp. 170 - 189

Stress and Coping Strategies of University Employees in Buguias, Benguet, Philippines
Melody C. Domalti,  Elizabeth M. Bay-an  and  Gracita N. Estocapio
pp. 190 - 207