Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International March Conference in Bangkok, 2019

Sabaragamu Dance Tradition in Sri Lanka
K. M. Saman Kumarathunga
pp. 1 - 18

Investigation of Absorption Coefficient, Penetration Depth, Energy Band Gap, and Dielectric Constant for III-V Ternary Compounds Used in Solar Cells
Su Myat Paing,  Tin Tin Hla  and  Saw Aung Nyein Oo
pp. 19 - 28

Analysis of Electron and Hole Concentration, Band Structure and V-I Characteristics of P-GaAs/N-AlGaAs Materials Used in Light Emitting Diodes
Win Tun Oo  and  Tin Tin Hla
pp. 29 - 42

The Development of a Specifically Designed Glossary of Medical Devices for Thais Involving in Medical Devices Business
Sasithorn Sriudon  and  Bussabamintra Chalauisaeng
pp. 43 - 57

Thai EFL Students’ Reflections on Using Task-Based Language Learning to Enhance Vocabulary Learning
Lu Zhang  and  Chongrak Liangpanit
pp. 58 - 70

Measuring In-depth Vocabulary Knowledge of Grade 10 students in Khon Kaen Small-sized Schools
Ma Ying
pp. 71 - 82

Factors Affecting English Conversational Speaking Anxiety Among Non-English Major Chinese College Students
Qiuying Gao
pp. 83 - 96

Developing Vocabulary Knowledge of Thai EFL Secondary Learners via The Combined Decontextualized and Contextualized Vocabulary Learning Strategy
Suparat Khomapat  and  Sutida Ngonkum
pp. 97 - 110

The Conceptual Framework of Sustainable Creative Tourism Indicator
Chitralada Suphachaimongkol,  Chavalit Ratanatamskul,  Siriwan Silapacharanan  and  Patcha Utiswannakul
pp. 111 - 122