Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International May Conference in Bangkok, 2019

Investigation of Transconductance and Band-Gap Energy for Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
Wut Hmone Kyaw  and  Tin Tin Hla
pp. 1 - 10

Simulation of an Active RC Band-Pass Filter
May Nwe Myint Aye,  Than Htike Aung  and  Tin Tin Hla
pp. 11 - 21

Energy-Balance Control of Stand-Alone Hydrokinetic Power Supply System with Battery Energy Storage for Rural Electrification
Thin Thin Lwin,  WunnaSwe  and  Lai Lai Wah
pp. 22 - 38

Reliability Enhancement of Radial Distribution System using Optimal Placement of PVDG
Thin Thin Moe  and  Myint Thuzar
pp. 39 - 53

Performance Analysis of Virtual Synchronous Generator Based Controller for Low Frequency AC Transmission System
War War Naing  and  Myint Thuzar
pp. 54 - 65

Analysis for Power Saving of Two Different Sun Tracking Methods with Radial Staggered Heliostat Field
Lai Lai Wah,  Wunna Swe,  Thin Thin Lwin  and  Hnin Wah
pp. 66 - 79

Performance Analysis of Bidirectional Interlink Converter in AC/DC Hybrid System
Wai Wai Hnin  and  Zarchi Linn
pp. 80 - 93

Harmonic Distortion Mitigation in Distribution System of Industrial Zone by Using Active Power Filter
May Phone Thit  and  Soe Soe Ei Aung
pp. 94 - 111

Integration of Distributed Generation Considering Different Uncertainty Modes for Reliability Improvement in Myanmar
Cho Cho Myint  and  Ohn Zin Lin
pp. 112 - 125

Number 2

Assessment of National Policies guaranteeing Social Welfare for persons with special needs in Bhutan
Kuenga Lhaden  and  Darmp Sukontasap
pp. 126 - 130