Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International October Conference in Bangkok, 2019

Foreign Debt and Economy Growth of Indonesia
Syaparuddin,  Faradina Zevaya  and  Zulgani   
pp. 1 - 6

Women's Household Economy, Stunting and Environment Related to the Illegal Mining in Batanghari Regency Jambi Province
Heriberta,  Ridwansyah,  Yayuk Sriayudha  and  Rike Setiawati
pp. 7 - 14

Change of Economic Structure in Jambi Province: Input – Output Model Approach
Ahmad Fauzi,  Amri Amir,  Junaidi  and  Syurya Hidayat
pp. 15 - 26

Analysis of the Influence of Coordination and Supervision in Right to Cultivate Issuance Service on the Performance of Plantation Companies in Jambi Province
Sarimah,   M. Rachmad R,   Edward  and  Shofia Amin
pp. 27 - 34

Computer-Assisted Instruction and Students’ Comprehension of a Literary Text
Ryan Puyat Kabigting   
pp. 35 - 44

Suicide of Naoko: A Psycho-Social Study of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood
Md Sajib Miah
pp. 45 - 56

Factors Influencing Export Performance
Nutnapha Lekhawichit  and  Chanongkorn Kuntonbutr
pp. 57 - 59

Performance of Key Macroeconomic Parameters in Some Asian Developing Countries
Muhammad Ridwansyah,  Amril  and  Syaparuddin
pp. 60 - 68