Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International Spring Conferences, 2019

Organizational Climate in Thai Private Hospitals in the Eastern Region of Thailand
Jindapa Leeniwa and Paratchanun Charoenarpornwattana
pp. 1 - 9   

Nitrate Solution Monitoring by Nitrate Sensor
Nisarat Kainok,  Woraphan Chaisriratanakul  and  Sodchol Wonprasaid
pp. 10 - 15   

Effects of Paclobutrazol and Glyphosate on Growth, Yield and Starch Content of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz.)
Duangkamon Dechdorn,  Thitiporn Machikowa  and  Sodchol Wonprasaid
pp. 16 - 22

Forecasting Crude Oil Price
Jeng-Fung Chen  and  Quang Hung Do
pp. 23 - 36

Students’ Perceptions of the Use of Quizlet in a Hybrid English Course
Visara Ekahitanond
pp. 37 - 42

Factors Affecting The Effectiveness of learning Through The Use of Line Application
Tassaneenart Limsuthiwanpoom
pp. 43 - 49

The Influence of Japanese Leadership Style on Employee Performance and The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction at Japanese firm in Indonesia (Study among Indonesian Employee in Japanese Company)
Finessya Nurul Sukma Maresa  and  Pantius Drahen Soeling
pp. 50 - 61

The Relationship Between Personality and Brand personality
Jin-Tsann Yeh,  Chyong-Ling Lin  and  Yu-Hui Chen
pp. 62 - 74

Characterization of crude β-mannosidase from Micromonospora sp. TISTR 1553
N. Sankasa,  T.  Sakamoto  and  W.  Sukhumsirichart
pp. 75 - 82

Capturing Value from Customers to Create Profits
Daoroong Aiyadech
pp. 83 - 94

Study of Urban Wind Behavior in Bangkok, Thailand
Tongchana Hatthaphan   and  Kriengkrai  Assawamartbunlue
pp. 95 - 110

The relationship between landslide sediment yield and turbidity in Taipei Water Source Domain
Po-Kai Chou  and  Ban-Jwu Shih
pp. 111 - 129

A study on the relationship among rainfall events, landslide areas, and sediment yields: A case study of the Malun stream watershed in Yilan County
Chen Chihcheng  and  Ban-Jwu Shih
pp. 130 - 152

Psychoanalysis of White Ant: Fetishism, voyeurism and displacement
Ya-Han Hsu  and  Li-Hsing Liu
pp. 153 - 167

A preliminary study of complex permittivity of Poly-aniline solution at 10.5 GHz
Manu Fuangfoong,  Tawee Chim-oye  and  Wasana Fuangfoong
pp. 168 - 172

Determination of Potassium in Sports drink by Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Analysis by using the Standard Addition Method
Paramate Onnom,  Tawee Chim-oye  and  Manu Fuangfoong
pp. 173 - 178

An Overview of Thailand's Renewable Energy Policy Development
Patcharinruja Juntaronanont  and  Pasakorn Sakolsatayatorn
pp. 179 - 192

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Effects of Seven Accounting Professional Quotients
Onsima Phurahonga, Titaporn Sincharoonsaka, Amara Tirasriwat, Phassawan Suntraruke  and  Kanoksak Sukwatanasinit
pp. 193 - 208

Factors Affecting the Development of Accounting Information System
Onsima Phurahong,  Suree  Bosakoranut  and  Pravas Penvutikul
pp. 209 - 223

Number 2

Educational Programme Approach towards Out-of-wedlock Pregnant Teenagers
Siti Suhaila Ihwani,  Azahar Yaakub,  Norhafizah Musa,  Adibah Muhtar  and  Zetty Nurzuliana Rashed
pp. 224 - 232   

Islamic Psychotheraphy Theories in Treating Soul Crisis: A Study on Cancer Patients
Norhafizah Musa,  Azahar Yaakub,  Siti Suhaila Ihwani,  Adibah Muhtar  and  Akmaliza Abdullah
pp. 233 - 252   

Developing Skills Creating Digital ePub on Tablet PC for STEM Teachers and Staff in Educational Service Area of Phitsanulok Province
Passakorn Rueangroun
pp. 253 - 263

Cryptocurrency: A New Challenge from Digital World
Wiranya Sutthikun,  Kongkiat Sahayrak  and  Sujittra Hongyon
pp. 264 - 274

Number 3

The Fixed Point Theorem with New Contraction in b-Metric Spaces
Yaowaluck Khongtham
pp. 275 - 279

Application of the Natural Transform to Some Physics Problem
Wichan Khongtham
pp. 280 - 284

The Natural Transform Method for Eigenvalue Problems
Yaowaluck Khongtham  and  Thunwarat Thatchai
pp. 285 - 289