Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International February Conference in Bangkok, 2020

A Study of the Mathematical Creativity of 4th Grade Student’s in Mathematics Classroom Using Lesson Study and Open Approach
Apisit Suwannawong,  Somnuek Worawiset  and  Narumon Changsri
pp. 1 - 12

Development of Students’ Algebraic Reasoning in Classroom Using Lesson Study and Open Approach
Watthana Thanomdee  and  Sampan Thinwiangthong
pp. 13 - 19

Prediction on the Breach Parameters and Peak Outflow for Kyeeon Kyeewa Dam
Tin Nilar Tun, Nilar Aye  and  Aye Aye Thant
pp. 20 - 33

Improvement of Seismic Performance for Existing RC Building with Shear Walls
Thiri Thwe  and  Nang Su Le′ Mya Thwin
pp. 34 - 48

Construct Validity and Reliability of the End-of-Course Business Interpretation Test in HUFLIT
Nguyen Duc Chau
pp. 49 - 62

Appeals to Anthropomorphism at Tourist Sites Featuring Animals: A Case Study of Phuket, Thailand
Jeffrey Dale Hobbs  and  Piengpen Na Pattalung
pp. 63 - 73     click

The Effect of U.S. Presidential Elections on Stock Market Liquidity in Emerging Economies
Phatarakorn Thongsathit
pp. 74 - 93

Optimal Investment Strategy of High-Risk/High-Return and Low-Risk/Low-Return Stocks in the Presence of Proportional Transaction Costs
Kittipong  Noonoi  and  Thaisiri Watewai
pp. 94 - 102

Allocating the Tracking Error for the Multi-Asset-Class Fund by Reconciling Bottom-Up Model with Top-Down Model
Korkiat Sermsakskul  and  Sira Suchintabandid
pp. 103 - 118

A Lending Decision Problem for Unfamiliar Loans
Radaporn Autravisittikul  and  Thaisiri Watewai
pp. 119 - 130