Proceedings of the Universal Academic Cluster International October Conference in Bangkok, 2020

Shares Allocation, Underpricing and Investors Flipping Activity during IPO: Evidence from the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Thanatporn Santawat  and  Suparatana Tanthanongsakkun
pp. 1 - 15

One Step Flame Spray Pyrolysis of Nanocrystalline Ag doped TiO2 for Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction
Chamchuri Bumrungsinmon  and  Okorn Mekasuwandumrong
pp. 16 - 26

Hydrodeoxygenation Reaction of Palm Kernel Oil Using Nickel-Molybdenum as a Catalyst
Kant Charoensedtasin  and  Paravee Vas-Umnuay
pp. 27 - 39