Universal Academic Cluster

International Conferences: Academic & Multidisciplinary

    The goal of our international conferences is to provide opportunities for professors, academics researchers and students from all over the world to come together and learn from each other. Our academic conferences welcome research presentations in the following fields.

Social Sciences and Humanities:

Architecture, Anthropology, Arts, Communications, Culture, Demography, Ethics, Gender Studies, Geography, Globalization, History, Humanities, International Relations, Journalism, Languages, Laws, Linguistics, Literature, Museums, Media, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Politics and Governance, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Tourism, etc.

Education and Teaching:

Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction, Distance Education, Educational Administration, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, Educational Theory, E-learning, Higher Education, Lifelong Learning, Mathematics Education, Measurement and Evaluation, Physical Education, Physics Education, Science Education, Teaching and Learning, Vocational Education, etc.

Science and Technology:

Agriculture, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Ecology, Engineering, Energy, Environment, Food Technology, Forestry, Genetics, Geology, Health Sciences, Information Science, Innovation, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Mathematics, Nursing, Oceanography, Physics, Robotics, Sports Science, Statistics, Transport, etc.

Economics and Business:

Accounting, Banking, Business Administration, Business Ethics, E-commerce, Economic Theory, Finance, Human Resources, Insurance, Logistics, Management, Marketing, etc.

Upcoming Conferences

Japan Conferences   Click!

29-31 March 2024,    Tokyo-Yokohama, Japan    Click!

29 March - 3 April 2024,    Kanto, Japan    Click!

29 March - 7 April 2024,    Kanto and Kyoto, Japan    Click!

29 March - 10 April 2024,    Kanto and Kansai, Japan    Click!

1-3 April 2024,    Tokyo, Japan    Click!

1-7 April 2024,     Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan    Click!

1-10 April 2024,     Tokyo and Kyoto and Osaka, Japan    Click!

5-7 April 2024,     Kyoto, Japan    Click!

5-10 April 2024,     Kyoto and Osaka, Japan    Click!

8-10 April 2024,    Osaka, Japan    Click!

Thailand Conferences   Click!

24-26 April 2024,    Bangkok, Thailand    Click!

25-26 April 2024,    Bangkok, Thailand    Click!

6-7 June 2024,    Bangkok, Thailand    Click!

11-12 July 2024,    Bangkok, Thailand    Click!

22-23 August 2024,    Bangkok, Thailand    Click!

3-4 October 2024,    Bangkok, Thailand    Click!

14-15 November 2024,    Bangkok, Thailand    Click!

19-20 December 2024,    Bangkok, Thailand    Click!

Online Conferences   Click!

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